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Promoting creative intelligence

...and developing talent hitherto considered beyond human potential is the essence of Maharishi's Vedic Technology .

---By Dr. Ian Brown

Managing Global Challenges

Increasing globalization, and second; the transition to knowledge-based business. With regard to the transition to knowledge-based business, I would like to read a quote from the World Bank's "World Development Report 1999/2000".

---By Dr. Ian Brown

How full is full human potential?

The previous article discussed the predicament posed by having identified talent as a company’s most valuable resource while observing that Western education and job-training techniques have consistently failed to improve talent. Vedic technologies of consciousness.

---By Dr. Ian Brown

Preface - National Coordinator-MIM

Maharishi Institute of Management has been contributing in the field of Management Education far over two decades. The Institute with its unique concept of Vedic Management and Transcendental Meditation technique has created a niche for itself in the area of modern Management Education in absolute harmony with the Law of Nature.

---National Coordinator-MIM’s

Face to Face with National Registrar, Sh.K.Giri

Maharishi Institute of Management is a relatively new institute in the management field. But with certain unique features the institute has gone on to create a niche for itself in the field of Management Education. Now what is that Uniqueness that we crave about.

---By Sh. K. Giri

Capital Structure and Managerial Performance :
A Study of Tamilnadu Electricity Board

Setup in 1957, the Tamilnadu Electricity Board (TNEB) has been making rapid strides in various dimensions. Its role in rural electrification is commendable. From 1,67,297 huts in 1978-80 power reached to 1,05,24,024 huts in 1993. Now more than 14 Lakh huts are lit with lights. Its contribution to modernization of agriculture is significant. Energization of pump sets zoomed up from 33,440 in 1955-56 to 14,45,951 in 1992-93. Now it has crossed 20 lakh1. It has been the dynamo of the socio-economic transformation of the rural sector. TNEB has carved a niche in the generation of energy from non-conventional sources. Despite these colorful performances, TNEB has been working under several severe constraints.

Director, M.I.M. Bangalore

Gearing up Human Resources for
Corporate Restructuring - Vedic Approach

Dr. Garrow Luxmoore, an international expert in marketing services while commenting on Indian industries made several significant observations, which are eye openers to the corporate world. Indian industries by and large have made a significant breakthrough. But the power structure is still trumped by age-old cultural heritage. There exist chasm between owners and employed professionals, between seniors and junior managers, between workers and supervisors and so on.

Director, M.I.M, Bangalore

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